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At Kresta's, we're thrilled to introduce our custom flounder boat rigging solutions that will take your floundering fishing and gigging experience to new heights!

Custom Flounder Boat

We understands the unique challenges and requirements of this exhilarating fishing pursuit, and we've carefully curated a selection of top-quality equipment and accessories to rig your boat for success. Whether you're a seasoned flounder hunter or a novice looking to explore this thrilling activity, our range of specially designed LED lights, air motors, and custom storage options will ensure you're fully equipped for your nighttime adventures on the water.

Flounder Boat Rigging & Fabrication

All our floundering rigs are custom fabricated at our dealership.

Custom Flounder Boat rigging and fabrication

Proudly building these gigging boats for 55 years.

Custom Flounder Boat

Flounder Gigging LED Lights

Flounder Fishing

Kresta's stocks a full line Jerry’s LED flounder gigging lights

Jerry's Flounder Lights are the premier manufacturer of high-quality LED lights for fishing and gigging in Texas. Jerry's flounder gigging LED specializes in providing top-of-the-line lighting solutions for flounder fishermen needing reliable, high-performance gear to help them catch more fish. The products are designed with the latest LED technology to ensure you have the best experience on the water, day or night.

Whether you’re looking for flounder gigging LED lights or underwater green fishing lights, we have everything you need to do the job. Jerry's flounder gigging LED lights are manufactured here in Texas and are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of local fishermen. We offer many flounder lights for boats and underwater flounder gigging lights for your boat.

Jerry's under water green fishing lights are another popular product designed to attract various fish species and improve your chances of catching a big one. Jerry's energy-efficient LED technology lets you enjoy bright, high-quality lighting without draining your battery.






Flounder Fishing Legacy

Floundering has been in our blood for many years. This photo is from 1971 with brothers Jeff, Rick and their dad Bill and papaw Kresta.

Texas Flounder fishing

Coleman lanterns supplied the light source back then for floundering.

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